Chapter 743: Afternoon Hot Tea, Calpis Soda, Raw Tarako Onigiri, Calbee Pizza Potato Chips, Tropical Fruit Jelly, Japanese Snacks

The Flying Tofu

Actually one of my favourite vending machines / convenient shop bottle hot tea drinks! It’s very creamy, smooth and milky, not too sweet and just the way I like it.

You just can’t really go wrong with Calpis, it’s a flavor I have always loved. The only thing is after drinking Calpis I tend to become more thirsty after. Although I like the original, soda versions are always yummy.

Raw Tarako Onigiri, I like Salmon Roe more but Cod roe is also very tasty. A bit more on the salty side, but good flavor.

When I’m travelling around in Japan I always have at least 1 onigiri in my bag in case of an emergency. I love trying new flavors…

Pizza potato chips!!

It makes a good snack and taste just like pizza.

I loved this!!

Tropical flavoured jelly with fruity chunks.

Very fruity and mildly sweet. Thumbs up to…

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