Classic Traveller Weapon Cards

The Michlin Guide

When I was running a Traveller game last year, I was thrilled to find a post on the Tales to Astound! blog by Chris Kubasik (link on the sidebar). He had created these little index cards with all the info for a single weapon on them. The idea being that you could print them out and give them to your players, one card per weapon type. Brilliance!

But I noticed a couple of discrepancies in the stats. After all, there were a lot of numbers to transfer. Unfortunately, Chris only had a PDF version, and although I bought a program that is supposed to let me edit PDFs, I can’t get it to work. So I ended up creating my own cards using LibreOffice. The resulting spreadsheet should be editable in most programs including Excel and Google. I also created a new PDF version for ease of use.

And now…

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