Scott Johnson death: Australian man arrested in gay hate killing cold case

The body of Scott Johnson, 27, was found at the bottom of beach cliffs in 1988. Police ruled it a suicide.

However, later inquiries concluded he had been killed in a hate crime. This also drew attention to other cases of homophobic killings around Sydney’s beaches in the 1980s.

Scott Price, 49, was arrested at his Sydney home on Tuesday.

Alfred Date – A decent human being

Alfred Date was the oldest man in Australia until he passed away at the age of 110 on the 2nd of May, 2016. As a young boy, he discovered a love for knitting, a hobby he learned from his sister. During Alfred’s later years on life, he began to knit sweaters for the penguins living in Philip Island. The sweaters were to protect the penguins from oil spills.