Frances Perkins: She came to the rescue during the Great Depression. Now her work is still aiding jobless Americans

Sometimes great ideas are born in moments of crisis. Such was the case for one Great Depression heroine, born 140 years ago today, whose life’s work is still benefiting millions of jobless Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.Meet Frances Perkins: the first female member of a presidential cabinet, and the chief architect behind many New Deal programs that live on 85 years later.

Big Finish celebrate Elisabeth Sladen’s birthday with Sarah Jane Smith audio-plays sale

On what would have been her 74th birthday, Big Finish remember Elisabeth Sladen with a sale of her own Doctor Who audio spin-off, Sarah Jane Smith.

‘Hidden Figures’ NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Turns 101

Happy birthday Katherine Johnson!

The renowned NASA mathematician is celebrating her 101st birthday.Johnson is known for calculating the orbital equations for the trajectories of the Friendship 7 missions in 1961 and 1962, according to NASA.