Working in 3D again…

For most of the past year, I was drawing someone else’s comic strip. The boss of the project was a real nightmare to work with. It kept me completely away from 3D projects.

I needed something simple to start building my chops back up. So this is the beginning of my ode to ‘Home Movies‘. Here is the start of Brendon Small.

HOME MOVIES: Cast and Creators Talk the Show’s 20th Anniversary

It wouldn’t take much more than a few moments with the relentlessly squiggly, jarringly dry Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which premiered on Comedy Central in 1995, to understand that it was a different beast entirely than most other animated series of the era. While perhaps too challenging in aesthetic and humor to ever reach the status of The Simpsons or any of Mike Judge’s projects, Dr. Katz carried enough esteem to win producer Loren Bouchard and star H. Jon Benjamin to develop a like-minded (and like-styled) animated series with up-and-comer Brendon Small. The fruit of this team’s labors would turn out to be Home Movies.