Senate Democrats have plan to cancel student loan payments during crisis, payoff $10K on every loan

Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer, Patty Murray, Sherrod Brown, and Elizabeth Warren unveiled an emergency student loan payment and relief plan Thursday morning. It would immediately cancel monthly student loan payments for the duration of the coronavirus emergency and provide a minimum of $10,000 to all federal students loan borrowers toward paying down their debt with the Department of Education assuming debt payments for the duration.

India’s aviation sector is on a wing and a prayer. Can Modi’s Budget 2019 help?

India’s aviation industry is currently stuck in an air pocket. The sector has been constantly plagued by mounting debt, losses, and high fuel costs, among other things.

Hence, airlines will be pinning all their hopes on Feb. 01, when the annual budget, the last by prime minister Narendra Modi’s government, will be presented.