‘Doctor Who’ Finally Says Goodbye to Our Sarah Jane in a Heartbreaking New Story

It’s been nine years since Elisabeth Sladen, the dearly missed actress who brought one of Doctor Who’s most iconic companions to life, passed away. Now it’s time for the Whoniverse itself to say goodbye to her too.

As part of the ongoing Doctor Who social media rewatch parties that have been taking place during the novel coronavirus pandemic, former Doctor Whoshowrunner Russell T. Davies released a brand new story marking the anniversary of Sladen’s death yesterday. It finally brings about something we never really wanted to consider ourselves: that it was time for Sarah Jane Smith to have passed on in the Doctor Who universe as well as in our own.

Elisabeth Sladen’s Daughter Will Play Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who’s Latest Audio Adventure

Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter, who played Sarah Jane and Harry on Doctor Who, have sadly passed away at this point, but Big Finish has now confirmed that Sadie Miller and Christopher Naylor will play the roles in Return of the Cybermen, alongside the returning Tom Baker as the fourth incarnation of the Doctor.

The Original ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’ Is Being Turned Into an Audio Drama

There are many missing Doctor Who stories—and some have even found new life getting remakes as audio dramas or even animated episodes. But Big Finish’s latest adventure for Tom Baker’s Doctor is a peculiar one: It’s an unseen version of a story we actually got.

But it’s actually radically different to the story that was originally pitched by Gerry Davis, the co-creator of the Cybermen, as “Return of the Cybermen.”

Big Finish celebrate Elisabeth Sladen’s birthday with Sarah Jane Smith audio-plays sale

On what would have been her 74th birthday, Big Finish remember Elisabeth Sladen with a sale of her own Doctor Who audio spin-off, Sarah Jane Smith.

Fan-Made Recreation of Missing ‘Doctor Who’ Episode to Premiere on the BBC

BBC Studios will be airing the lost Doctor Who episode “Mission to the Unknown” next week in its latest attempt to recover missing Doctor Who media.

But the episode that’s airing is completely fan-made.

Announced by Doctorwho.tv, this production of ‘Mission to the Unknown‘ was recreated by a team of students and staff of the University of Central Lancashire.

Big Finish Audio Is Reviving Doctor Who’s First Companion Kill

Despite dozens of heroes from across time and space venturing in and out of the TARDIS doors, not a lot of Doctor Who’s companions have actually left via the grim exit of death itself. You might cast your mind back to someone like Adric, but the first companion kill goes back much further…and is about to come back to haunt not just one Time Lord, but two.