Biden and Sanders must promise to save Warren’s CFPB and join her fight for consumers

Elizabeth Warren would have made a great president. Who knows, she still might get the chance, given her relative youth in what appears to be a golden age for presidents in their golden years. We can dream. 

When she suspended her campaign on Thursday, it ended the possibility that the Democratic Party would nominate, for the second time, a woman for president.

Warren and AOC have questions about Steve Mnuchin’s role in Sears’ collapse (and they have receipts)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are teaming up to ask important questions about Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s role in the collapse of retail empire Sears. More than 175,000 Sears employees lost their jobs while a handful of billionaires, including Mnuchin, walked away with billions. And Warren and Ocasio-Cortez want answers.

Mnuchin and his old pals sucked everything out of the company and left employees high and dry, without even a penny of severance pay. This is happening across the nation as investment firms buy up, raid, and tear down retail outlets.