IRELAND: ‘Derry Girls’ blackboard moves to Ulster Museum

Protestants have horses and keep toasters in cupboards, while Catholics love statues and keep coal in the bath. Don’t they?

The jokes and observations about Northern Irish identity that fuel the Channel 4 comedy Derry Girls moved to the Ulster Museum in Belfast on Friday as part of an exhibition on cultural stereotypes.

‘Derry Girls’ is the best teen show out right now

( Originally airing on Channel 4 )

The hilarity of Derry Girls is so powerful that it transcends language. The Irish sitcom, currently streaming on Netflix, follows four girls (and their teen guy accomplice) who are growing up in Northern Ireland during the last years of the Troubles. A good 74 percent of any given episode is likely unintelligible to anyone who didn’t grow up hearing an Irish accent; it took me a few episodes to admit defeat and finally switch on the subtitles. But subtitles or not, and my cursory knowledge of the Troubles notwithstanding, I still found myself cackling at one of my favorite new shows and falling in love with Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle, and James.