‘There is no protection’: case of trans woman fired after coming out could make history

Aimee Stephens is at the center of the first supreme court case involving the civil rights of transgender people

Growing up in a Southern Baptist family in Fayetteville, North Carolina in the 1960s the biggest problem in Aimee Stephens’ household was the length of her hair.

Six-Year-Old Moira is One of the Sickest People in America. So Why is North Carolina Trying to Gut Her Health Care?

Moira is one of about 400,000 “medically complex” American children—kids who have serious health issues but who, thanks to modern technology, can survive past infancy and even lead long, fulfilling lives. Yet the US health care system is increasingly failing children like her. Even the best private health insurance doesn’t begin to cover all their care, which can cost an estimated $140,000 per child per year.