Private Investigator Training – Christa Stephens

Brian Taylor: Sir, let’s put it this way; we have sufficient evidence that will significantly reduce the amount of alimony you have to pay to your ex. Yes, Sir. That’s all we can do for now. Take care. (Hangs up the telephone).

Christa: So, that’s it?

Brian: That’s all we can do.

Christa: So like, I wish, like, we sort of had a little more drama out of this case.

Brian: It’s about getting the evidence that you need to help the client out.

Christa: Maybe if, they had a meth-lab in their house cookin’ it out?

Brian: Who cares? They could be baking cookies in that house, as long as it’s enough evidence to reduce the client’s alimony.

Christa: Maybe they’re insomniacs that just like to hang out? Maybe they’re movie-buffs that love to watch old movies all night? Maybe they’re junkies, and have all the needles layin’ about, helpin’ each other out, and they have to do it in their foot ‘cause they’ve run out of room all up here? How do you know they don’t breed special-tops dogs? Maybe they’re just work colleagues and they’re workin’ on a special project all night? Maybe his bed’s just more comfortable?

Brian: Christa… It doesn’t matter. We were paid to find out where she goes at night, and that’s what we did. End-of-story.

Christa: Maybe they just love to rub each other’s feet, huh?