Lake Erie Houses Were Virtually Ice Sculptures Last Week. Now They’re Swamped

The surreal landscape of Hamburg, New York, last week can be seen in the slideshow above: homes completely encased in ice, doors and windows sealed, trees turned white by icicles. 

The homes along Lake Erie received more than 48 hours of winds whipping at 40 to 60 mph along the shoreline, creating huge waves that froze the instant they hit the coastal structures.

Droopy Lilac Bush

Because the leaves haven’t fallen off the bush yet, the sudden and early landing of snow pushed this gigantic bush down. Two days ago, the very first slushy snow had it touching the ground.

Looks like it will be a very messy winter here in the Midwest. We’re not even getting a proper Autumn, it seems. We just skipped pretty much, from Summer to Winter a few weeks ago

Not working today…

I thought I would be drawing another strip today. I fell asleep at 6pm yesterday, and was awakened at 3am by my begging cat running across my head, knocking shit over, startling herself, running back across my head, cutting my ear and head, and getting blood all over my pillow.

I got out of bed at 5am, shoveled 2” of new snow before feeding the cats. Then I had to run some errands most of this morning.

Were supposed to get up to 9 more inches of snow tonight. Not to mention a temperature drop to -17 degrees.

I don’t know if I’m having my mold-allergy symptoms, or cold/flu symptoms. So I’m taking it easy today. I’m five days ahead on the strip anyway.