Lake Erie Houses Were Virtually Ice Sculptures Last Week. Now They’re Swamped

The surreal landscape of Hamburg, New York, last week can be seen in the slideshow above: homes completely encased in ice, doors and windows sealed, trees turned white by icicles. 

The homes along Lake Erie received more than 48 hours of winds whipping at 40 to 60 mph along the shoreline, creating huge waves that froze the instant they hit the coastal structures.

CHICAGO: 2 Rogers Park Beaches Devastated During Weekend Storm

Late last year, crews for the city worked to protect the Rogers Park shoreline from a rising Lake Michigan while preserving some of the last remaining beachfront at two neighborhood parks. 

But after a major storm last weekend devastated lakefront areas throughout Chicago, city officials have determined that the beaches at Rogers and Howard park are no longer salvageable. They will instead be replaced with rocks, with a dream of someday restoring the beaches, but that could take years.