BUSTED: Meghan McCain’s husband caught violating federal law with ‘obvious threat’ against employees

The husband “The View” personality Meghan McCain violated federal labor law while threatening employees of his right-wing website against unionizing.

J. Searle Dawley – The First Film Director

J. Searle Dawley, the man who considered himself “the first motion picture director”, was born James Searle Dawley on May 13, 1877, in Del Norte, Colorado. He was educated in Denver, and after graduating in 1895, became an actor with Louis Morrison’s stock theatrical company.” 

The following IMDb biography is very interesting. I hope you check it out. The author didn’t use any paragraph breaks. So please be patient. I think you will enjoy the information.

How Marvel and Corporate Comics Are Failing the ‘Vulnerable’ Creators Behind Their Superheroes

Behind the veil of billion-dollar movie franchises and rotating comics series, creators often struggle with low pay, no labor protections, and harassment. And no one seems to care.