The Wisconsin election postmortems suggest Republican efforts to suppress voters may have backfired

Both The Washington Post and The New York Times have postmortem pieces. (In this case, the Times version is a bit more substantive than the Post‘s, which dwells too long on partisan bluster.) Both suggest Democratic get-out-the-vote-by-mail efforts were more substantive and effective than the Republican counterparts.

‘Massa Scott Allen’ reasons Black History Month should honor white people, Wisconsin lawmaker scoffs

Without even a hint of satire, a white Wisconsin legislator is actually trying to whitewash Black History Month by honoring more people who aren’t black than those who are. 

Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Keep Colin Kaepernick Off Black History Month Resolution

Republicans in Wisconsin’s Senate on Wednesday refused to allow the state to honor civil rights activist and former NFL star Colin Kaepernick in its ceremonial resolution for Black History Month.

All the Republicans in the state Senate, who control the chamber, voted 19-14, against Senate Democrats to pass a Black History Month resolution that did not include Kaepernick’s name on its list of honorees, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday.